Huus Gstaad


Ideally situated at the Alpine Hub of Gstaad, Huus Gstadd is commited to make the Alps accessible to everyone in the summer. The hotel offers 136 rooms housed in a traditional wooden-clad chalet, four dining venues, an indoor pool and a rooftop bar with outstanding views of the lush rolling hills and mountainous abodes. Inspired by adventurous intentions and the comfort of Swiss hospitality—led by Günter Weilguni and Marwan Naja, the Huus Gstadd aims to bestow its guests with a vitalizing experience of feeling at home.

We wanted to come up with a concept that was different, we wanted people to feel at home.
— Günter Weilguni

Made by Originals
Men from different mountains will always have different perspectives. Luckily for Günter Weilguni and Marwan Naja, they both have the same soaring ideals that have led them to open Huus Gstaad together. It seems that the pair realized their compatibility early on, which ensured that the conceptualization process of Huus could be long and thoughtful, leaving no stone unturned. “We wanted to come up with a concept that was different” explains Weilguni. “We wanted people to feel at home.” They decided to include a variety of additional “add-ons” in the room rate, such as guided winter hikes, canyoning, climbing, and mountain biking, by working closely with the Alpine Centre Gstaad and another ski school in the area. This led to the pair settling on a concept that can be neatly summarized in two words: adventurous hospitality.