BOTTEGA VENETA — Translating Life to Art

In a sprawling white concrete landscape of approximately 8,000 square meters, Bottega Veneta introduces its Fall 2016 advertising campaign through the lens of Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen at Grande Cretto, a monumental land art installation conceived by pioneering post-war Italian painter and sculptor Alberto Burri in 1981.

Located in Sicily, Italy, the spectacular space is a memorial to the old city of Gibellina, which was completely destroyed in the earthquake of Belice in 1968. The disaster left the city barren and nothing can be built on the same ground. The then mayor of the city, Ludovico Corrao, invited several renowned artists to present proposals for the new Gibellina. However, the ever maverick Burri decided to work on the ruins instead. He covered the flatten land with massive white blocks of concrete accentuated by an infinity of cracks between them, which were actually pathways the city’s street once were so that the next generation could pass through the grounds and reflect on what have been lost in the past. 

Viviane’s photography has an inescapable enigmatic quality to it, a refinement and acute independence. Together we have explored both the artistic landmarks for the campaigns that are more than a backdrop but rather an added voice to our collaboration
— Tomas Maier, Creative Director of Bottega Veneta

This suggestive and stark piece of land art in candid white cement sets as an incredible stage to host a luxurious fashion collection that is not only elegant and chic in style but soft and rich in movement as well. The fluidity of the fabrics along with the sophisticated dark yet vibrant palette of peacock blue, royal red and enduring blacks stands out in contrast against the stunning snowy concrete slabs of this masterpiece of contemporary artistic landscaping.

One of the lists of celebrated photographers who have contributed to the creation of Bottega Veneta’s advertising portfolio, Sassen had already cast her eyes into the wonderful world of Bottega Veneta when she shot the Spring 2016 campaign at the Jardin d’émail, the impressive installation by Jean Dubuffet. For its Fall 2016 collection, Sassen’s tabs into the Italian house with her extraordinary sensibility for shooting outdoors and keen sense of lighting once again, adding another new voice to the season.

View the Fall/Winter 2016 campaign video in this link.

Words by E.V. Leong
Pictures & video by BOTTEGA VENETA