MIU MIU — Executing with Style

In conjunction with the Paris Couture Week, the Italian high fashion house Miu Miu has decided to bring a new sense to the occasion by transforming Hôtel de la Païva on the Champs-Élysées into a one-night-only contemporary salon of the imagination.

Built in the mid-1800s, the ornate private residence was commissioned by the infamous courtesan Esther Lachmann (known as La Païva) and was especially known for its magnificent staircase carved from Algerian yellow onyx. The exquisite rooms of Hôtel de la Païva exude with impressive details, notably the famed painted ceiling The Day Chasing the Night by Paul Baudry and the Napoleon III style bathtub, which was sculpted by Donnadieu from a block of yellow onyx, with taps set in precious stones.


Though La Païva held some of the most tantalizing and decadent soirées of the age in the lavish mansion, it became home to the Travellers Club in 1904, an elite gentlemen's club that only began to admit women some 10 years ago. Thus, the building’s history and layers of cultural meaning are in contrast with the colorful backdrop to celebrate Miu Miu’s underlying spirit of female empowerment.


Merging its new collection with new encounters, Miu Miu eschewed the traditional runway show in favor of an informal salon soirée. The once prestigious historical building was reinterpreted and revived into an eccentric club culture venue. The clubrooms include cinema, restaurant and show house filled with Miu Miu Croisière Collection 2017. The presentation saw mannequins artfully placed and dressed in ‘90s-inspired crop tops, raver platforms, zany beaded necklaces and bucket hats lashing with neon hues.

Words by E.V. Leong
Photos courtesy of MIU MIU