Jesse Draxler

Portraits by Yoshino.
Curated by Juliet Vo.

Jesse, could you describe yourself in five adjectives?

If ‘is’ was an adjective I’d say that five times.

The majority of your work seems involved with the dark notion of identities, like an identity as it relates to a visual image or happenings across things staying in place. What underlying ideas would you point to behind the avenues of your work?
Wanting to vomit until I have vomited all that I am, my guts and limbs and hands and feet and skin, until my entire body is now a pile of vomit sitting in front of where I once stood. Like being swallowed by a black hole.

What is your relationship to contemporary art?
Damn, I’m not sure what this means. I like to go look at it in museums while I’m traveling sometimes.

You have a strongly individual aesthetic. How does your outsider perspective deal with the philosophy and aesthetic of your clients?
My perspective devours the philosophy and aesthetic of a clients like a disease.

In your opinion, what are the points of convergence between art and photography? How do you see a relationship between both disciplines?
The way I see it photography is a discipline within art. This is like asking what are the points of convergence between a drop of water and the ocean.

What has been important for you in your career?
Not having something to fall back on. 

Self Portrait by Jesse Draxler

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