Bridget Regan

Dress by   HUGO BOSS

Dress by HUGO BOSS

Photography by Elias Tahan
Styling by Fashion Editor Juliet Vo
Videography by Aric Yeakey
Hair by Bobby Eliot at Tomlinson  Management Group using LEONOR GREYL
Makeup by Jenna Kristina at Tomlinson Management Group using YSL BEAUTY

Bridget, Is there an example of a thing that worries you?
Oh god! Answering this question. 

What was it like working with the team behind Marvel’s Agent Carter?
The team behind Agent Carter is SHARP. The Marvel Universe is a vast one and they are balancing tying in what people already know and introducing new information in such an elegant way. I was a total fan of Captain America before, so to step into Louis D'Eposito's office to discuss who "Dottie" was going to be with Kevin Feige and the writers of our show was surreal and awesome.

Dress by HUGO BOSS.

Suit & shirt by THE KOOPLES, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza, Shoes by THE FIFTH, Necklace by WANDERLUST + CO.

Suit & shirt by THE KOOPLES, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza, Necklace by WANDERLUST + CO.

Your character, Dorothy Underwood, has been revealed as someone so complex. Could you tell us a little about what’s planned for Dottie?
"Dottie" is not to be messed with. That's all I can say.

Were you prepared for such a speedy introduction to your character?
No I really wasn't, but I was thrilled when it was revealed so quickly. The character of "Dottie" - this sweet dancer from Iowa is something she created to infiltrate Peggy's life. In a flashback scene we saw the young Black Widows studying "Snow White" in their Red Room school in Russia. I figured she must base all of her characters on film performances. So I went with Judy Garland's Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz." She is so innocent, sweet, happy and curious. But the truth of this Black Widow woman is even more fun. There's a real darkness, stillness, power and animal quality to her that I have loved playing. 

Suit & shirt by SANDRO, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza, Shoes by CAMEO.


Coat by CAMEO, Top by THEORY, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza.

Coat by CAMEO, Top by THEORY, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza, Ring by WANDERLUST + CO.

How was it like getting ready for a role that involved action with 1940’s costumes?
The costumes on Agent Carter are incredible. They are all beautiful vintage pieces or incredible reproductions that are a dream to wear. The costume designer, Giovanna Ottobre-Melton is a genius with character and detail. Everything I wear on "Agent Carter" is authentic down to the undergarments (pointy cone bra and all) As far as doing action in them, all I can say is that I've had to wear a lot more restricting costumes in the past and this was a walk in the park in comparison. There are also some sweet pant suits in Dottie's future...

You just love complex roles don’t you? Anything to do with your upbringing?
I do. But what actor doesn't? My upbringing was really quite lovely and peaceful. I suppose I was always searching for more drama. I was in such a hurry to get to New York and out of San Diego which at times seemed beige and too easy for me.

Do you have a favorite comic book character you identify with?
I am now totally obsessed with all things Black Widow. I went down the rabbit hole a bit of watching Scarlett Johansson's work in The Avengers and Iron Man. I am also obsessed with her stunt double, Heidi Moneymaker. You can watch her work on YouTube and she's incredible. 

Dress by BURBERRY BRIT, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza, Earrings by WANDERLUST + CO, Bracelet by VITA FEDE.

Top by THEORY, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza, Skirt by BCBG MAX AZRIA, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza.

When do you feel the happiest? What is your moment of bliss?
With my daughter and husband, laughing and being silly.

What gives you the inner balance in life that helps you to stick to your principles?
My parents, my sister, my old friends from high school and drama school, my manager who I've been with for over ten years, my husband, and a happy healthy kid always keeps things in perspective.

Do you have any other projects coming up?
More of the same! I'm planning to do more Jane the Virgin and everyone is hoping for more Agent Carter

Fashion Assistant: Scotty Daeng
Special Thanks to Marcy Kraft

Shot on location at The Crescent Hotel Beverly Hills