Camren Bicondova

Red Crop Sweater by   THE KOOPLES  , Grey jeans by   EARNEST SEWN  , Star necklace by   TULESTE

Red Crop Sweater by THE KOOPLES, Grey jeans by EARNEST SEWN, Star necklace by TULESTE

Photography by Andrew Kuykendall at The Brooks Agency
Styling by Toyo Tsuchiya at The Brooks Agency
Hair & Makeup by Amanda Wilson at The Brooks Agency

Travelling between San Diego and Manhattan, Camren Bicondova knows when to take it all in and take it all on. Well known for her role as the young Selina Kyle on FOX’s television series Gotham, Bicondova went from being a dancer to the next wave of Hollywood savvy and talent. At such a tender age, Bicondova talent and beauty blooms, revealing herself worthy to be part of the Catwoman’s legacy; yet, this young star assured us that she is keeping herself grounded and is not taking the whole experience lightly. “I don’t remind myself how young I am, but I do remind myself how blessed I am. I’ve worked hard to be where I’m at now, and am still working hard to get where I want to be. I feel very happy and blessed, for sure.”

Of course, making it into Hollywood is not solely about talent; sometimes it boils down to the several auditions and unexpected meetings. And, if she dared say, luck as well.

Tie Dyed Blouse by   RELIGION  , Black Camisole by   BOHEMIAN BONES     Ripped Denim by   WON HUNDRED  , Black Zippered Boots by   ASH  .

Tie Dyed Blouse by RELIGION, Black Camisole by BOHEMIAN BONES Ripped Denim by WON HUNDRED, Black Zippered Boots by ASH.

Floral top by   MINK PINK .

Floral top by MINK PINK.

“I actually thought I was auditioning for a girl named Lucy and the breakdown for her character came out as a 14-year-old street thief and orphan. Apart from that, she is fierce when cornered and is good at cat movements. So I auditioned about four times and choreographed a short piece for my final audition. But, when I received the call, only did I knew that I was actually the next Selina Kyle!"

For those who have been keeping tracks on Bicondova, it is clear that there are moments in her performances that is really intriguing. This is most evident especially on how she moves and portrays the feline mannerism of her character. Giving credit to her dancing experience, Bicondova was once an “Elite Protege” for The Pulse on Tour dance convention at the age of 11 and had travelled the country as an assistant to some of the nation’s to teachers and choreographers. So how did her passion for dancing lead her to acting? “I feel like I’ve always been an actress, I just didn’t know it. Because, a dancer doesn’t only do movement to a rhythm, he or she silently speaks the words of the artist. I had always wanted to be an actress, I just didn’t know how to get into that part of the industry. Now, I’m here!”

Peach Varsity Jacket by   WILDFOX  , Cropped Tank by   SOMEDAYS LOVIN  , Floral Skirt by   MINK PINK  , White lace up boots by   DR. MARTENS  , Black Sparkle socks by   TOPSHOP .

Peach Varsity Jacket by WILDFOX, Cropped Tank by SOMEDAYS LOVIN, Floral Skirt by MINK PINK, White lace up boots by DR. MARTENS, Black Sparkle socks by TOPSHOP.

Lace Top by    MINK PINK  ,  Denim Jeans by   JOE'S ,    Triangle earrings by   LADY GREY .

Lace Top by MINK PINK, Denim Jeans by JOE'S, Triangle earrings by LADY GREY.

Denim Jacket by   WON HUNDRED  , Lace Crop Top by   PAINT IT RED  , Floral wide leg pant by   SOMEDAYS LOVIN  , Burgundy Helled Boot by   DR. MARTENS  , White Pom Pom earrings by   TULESTE  .

Denim Jacket by WON HUNDRED, Lace Crop Top by PAINT IT RED, Floral wide leg pant by SOMEDAYS LOVIN, Burgundy Helled Boot by DR. MARTENS, White Pom Pom earrings by TULESTE.

In 10 years, I hope to be financially stable enough to buy and live in a house that I love, buy a home for my parents, have a Savannah cat, and… just be happy. I’ll only be 26, but hey—a girl can have goals, right?

As exciting as the journey is, there is no doubt that her career has led to several sacrifices as well, but Bicondova’s spirit is not affected by it thanks to her family’s full support. “My entire family has always been supportive of my actions. My mom and dad have especially sacrificed a lot for me to be able to do what I love, so I’m very grateful for the two of them. Family is everything to me.”

Before ending the interview, The Laterals would like to know know what would she have said to her character in the DC Comic. “That’s a great question! I’d compliment her on her outfit and style, for sure. I think she’d just look at me and grab a croissant and leave after that, though. She’s not really a people person, to say the least.”

Don’t miss Bicondova as the canny, independent Selina Kyle roaming the dark alleyways and rooftops of Gotham City in the second season of Gotham on FOX.

Stylist's assistant: Mahsa Pazhouh
Special thanks: Stan Brooks at The Brooks Agency NYC