Jake McDorman


Photography & Interview by Bryan Kong
Styling by Juliet Vo
Grooming by Crystal Tran for Exclusive Artists using Baxter of California

Jake, how have you been?
I've been very well, thanks. I'm working in New York and will be until the end of the year or so. I can honestly say, I do not miss driving. In LA traffic no less. This is a good change of pace. The 405 and I needed a break.

You’ve come a long way in this industry. How has that shaped you as an actor?
Well everything shapes you as an actor. Your life is your instrument in many ways and I've grown up working in the industry for almost 12 years now.

How did you get involved with Manhattan Love Story?
Manhattan Love Story ruined my trip to Puerto Rico. That's how it started. I was supposed to fly to San Juan on a Saturday morning to visit some friends for a few days. I got the audition the Friday before my trip. It was to read for Jeff Lowell and the producers. About an hour after my audition, I get the call that I have to go back in first thing Saturday morning to read with Analeigh. There were no later flights so I cancelled my trip--which was a gamble, by the way. I didn't have the job yet, but I definitely did have a plane ticket to Puerto Rico. Very glad it all worked out...

I forget sometimes that Los Angeles and Hollywood are landmarks to the rest of the world.

Can you tell us about your character, Peter?
Peter has lived in New York his whole life. He works in the family business with his dad, brother, and sister. He's a smart guy but not very motivated. He's also completely cynical when it comes to living in New York City unlike Dana who has just moved to the city from a small town, but her naivety and excitement in a way brings out a softer side of him. Oh, and he likes comic books.

Do you in any way relate to that character in real life?
I know what it's like to grow up in a very popular city. I forget sometimes that Los Angeles and Hollywood are landmarks to the rest of the world. After living there for so long it just becomes the city you live in, but people travel from all over to visit LA. I did that. And when I first moved there it did have a kind of magic to it. But it wears off eventually and then you're just sitting in traffic with everyone else. So we have that in common. Oh, and I like comic books.

What is your ideal vision of a life you’d live in?
Honestly, if I can just keep working with creative people in a challenging environment I'll be set. I'm so grateful for so many of the relationships in my life, I wouldn't want to change much. It's been a great adventure. Maybe this, but in space. Or make interplanetary travel possible. With everything running on green energy. I'll stop there.

What are you thoughts on watching yourself on screen?
I hate it.