Noel Fisher


Photography & Interview by Bryan Kong
Styling by Juliet Vo
Grooming by Sydney Zibrak at THE WALL GROUP using KEVIN MURPHY, LA MER & JOUER

Mr. Fisher, you have become one of the most prominent faces in Hollywood. How did you end up in this profession?
I got into acting as a result of my parents putting me in a bunch of different classes as a kid. I took a myriad of workshops and classes growing up including circus training, dance, piano and fencing to name a few. Acting was one of these classes and it just sort of stuck. 

Do you ever get homesick?
All the time. Los Angeles is definitely home but there is something about where you were raised that I think feels like part of your DNA. I don't think anywhere else will ever have that same place in my heart just because of the history I have in Vancouver. So many of my formative years were there. It's part of me. Thankfully I get to go back at least a couple times a year to see family and friends. It's a pretty short flight up the coast so that's a blessing.

How was your experience connecting with the turtles? Particularly Mikey.
I have loved TMNT since I was a kid so that connection was already there. Getting into Mikey's skin was a bit of a process. Mostly because I needed to get used to motion capture and how that all works. It was definitely a new experience for me. I think the biggest help in connecting to the character was really getting in touch with the dynamics of the brothers. I can't say enough good things about Alan Ritchson, Pete Ploszek and Jeremy Howard. They really made it easy to bring out that brotherly vibe that people love so much in the turtles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a classic. Was it a challenge for you to take on a role transited for the 21st century?
This is definitely my first experience taking on a role that is this iconic. TMNT has been around for a long time now and there have been many different incarnations of this character so it's a bit of a challenge putting your own spin on something that has that much history. I wanted to make sure I did Mikey justice. TMNT was a big part of my childhood and I wanted to make sure the generation that is watching it now got to have the same experience that I did while also respecting all the fans, like myself, who grew up with it.

A small Celtic orphan raised in the deep untouched tropical jungle of Vancouver by a pack of bilingual raccoons.

You presented versatility admirably throughout your career. Was there ever a moment you fear losing yourself in a character?
I haven't ever had an experience of 'losing myself' in a character. I try and find pieces of myself in each part I play so it's not really about becoming someone or something totally different that I might get 'lost' in. It's more about bringing out some particular aspect of myself that I see in the part and really focusing on that.

Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Noel Fisher?
A small Celtic orphan raised in the deep untouched tropical jungle of Vancouver by a pack of bilingual raccoons.

What takes up most of your time when you are off-set?
Not sure if I can nail down one particular thing that takes up most of my off set time. I do quite a lot of reading, I am trying to make time for writing as well. A big part of my routine is working out and meditating. Other than that I try to carve out as much time for my friends, family and fiancé as I can. It's that same struggle I think everyone goes through. Trying to find balance!