Scoot McNairy

Suit & shirt by   TODD SNYDER  , Boots by   CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN  .


Photography by Brian Higbee
Styled by Juliet Vo
Grooming by Anna Bernabe at Art Department using ARMANI BEAUTY
Interview by Bryan Kong

What's your regular day? What's your routine?
I wake up in the morning and i have a cup of coffee, thats about the only thing that is routine. I wake up with an open mind every morning cause you never know what the day is going to throw at you. So its hard to have a routine. I just try to not stop moving and if I feel like I have time I will go for a ride on the motorcycle.

The scope of your work is incredibly vast, and I’d like to track some of that lineage. Is it fair to say you have an appetite for fixing things?
I love to solve problems, and I love to work with people. All people with all kinds of different personalities. I don’t think that I can fix everything but I certainly will try. It’s not the fixing of things that I enjoy, it’s the understanding of how things work that is of interest to me.

Sweater by   STEVEN ALAN  .

Sweater by STEVEN ALAN.

Tell me about Texas and growing up.
It was awesome. I couldn't tell you if it was because of Texas or all the kids that I grew up with. I had a very large group of buddies that have all remained close since we were in grade school. Every single one of them shared the same enthusiasm for the nature which lead to an adventurous childhood.

I have not seen you in a comedy for quite a while. What drew you into Our Brand is Crisis?
I was unaware of how the mechanics of a campaign work and what happens behind the scenes. I loved the script, and I really love working with Grant and George, as all of their films are interesting and thought provoking and they always make sure everyone is having a good time at work. I had heard so many great things about Sandy and really admire her as a actor and a person. I wanted to work with the director David Gordon Green. All in all there were so many things that pushed me towards the film and I always just go with my gut. 

What’s the most fun you’ve had on the set of Our Brand is Crisis?
Working with David Gordon Green. As an actor he really lets you play and puts you to work at the same time. He forces you to think on your feet and I just had a great time hanging with him… and hope to do it again some time soon.

Sweater by   APC  .

Sweater by APC.

Suit by   PAUL SMITH  , Sweater by   ARMANI COLLEZIONI  .


Coat by   SANDRO  , Suit & shirt by   TODD SNYDER  , Boots by   CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN  .

Coat by SANDRO, Suit & shirt by TODD SNYDER, Boots by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN.

I want to make films that I would want to watch. Same with anything I do: I am interested because it interests me.

Throughout the years in advertising, you have been the face of countless brands, and currently the face of Prada. How did that came about?
I did commercials for years and had such a great time doing them. They were like little comedy skits to me. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Prada brand name. They have been so kind to me, and I have always loved their brand.

Has it been long since you've done a formal commercial?
I stopped doing commercials about 5 years ago. I really wanted to focus on producing and working on feature films. Films have always been my passion and still remain so today.

What worries you? You appear to be one of the most patient actors out there.
You can’t worry as an actor, it's just not healthy. So much of our job is out of our control. But being patient is something that can be hard at times and I still have to work at it. I love working and feel very fortunate to be able to do so. But you really have to look for the roles that are challenging and be ok and comfortable if you fall on your face. If I’m not constantly reaching outside of my comfort zone then I don’t feel like I am growing as and actor or as a person.

Coat by   PAUL SMITH  , Sweater by   SANDRO  , Jeans by   JOHN VARVATOS  , Boots by   COLE HAAN  .

Coat by PAUL SMITH, Sweater by SANDRO, Jeans by JOHN VARVATOS, Boots by COLE HAAN.

Shirt by   JOHN VARVATOS  .


Coat by   HARDY AMIES  .


Who are some of your favorite filmmakers?
Man… I can’t list them all cause they would take up the interview… there are so many... and with all these younger film makers making great films, the list just keeps getting longer.

As a producer and cinematographer yourself, what kind of films do you want to make?
I want to make films that I would want to watch. Same with anything I do: I am interested because it interests me. With that being said those types of films are all over the place in regards to genres. I really am attracted to real true stories and want them to be cinematically beautiful.

What do you think you learned as an actor from the process? (about yourself and your work)
If you want anything in life... you have to work your ass off at it.

Lastly, when was the first time you were emotionally moved in the cinema?
Which emotion?

Special thanks: Bloomingdale's Century City