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Henry Lau

Henry Lau, the Toronto native turned global resident has juggled a bevy of identities throughout the span of his decade plus long career. For someone who has successfully built a brand appealing to a worldwide audience with his impressive artistry and atmospheric charm as a K-Pop music prodigy, Chinese TV star, and now as Hollywood’s newest face, it comes as no surprise that he thrives in the role of playing a global chameleon.

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Topher Grace

Topher Grace will probably never live his role as the wholesome Eric Forman on That 70’s Show down. But, the reality is that he doesn’t mind. The cast has become his family with an active group text, and along the way, he has carved out a nice niche for himself in Hollywood with production and writing credits, along with working along heavyweights such as Spike Lee. Topher Grace is the proud racist David Duke in Spike Lee’s Academy Award winning BlacKkKlansman and he quickly shows how mercurial racism can exist in society, while still being incredibly entertaining. Oh, he also has a pretty entertaining podcast with Anna Faris on the way. Eric Forman has grown up, but still pretty wholesome.

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