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Avan Jogia

Today, Avan Jogia has extended his creative repertoire to include writing, singing and directing. He is also an activist and always speaks up for causes he deeply believes in—youth rights and equality rights. And this is most prominently portrayed through his recent role as the millennial stoner Ulysses in the sex-positive new series Now Apocalypse, where viewers can see the perspective of a queer, brown “sexual explorer” going through unapologetic “quests pursuing love, sex and fame”.

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Joseph Fiennes

A familiar face on the silver screen Joseph Fiennes is now mesmerizing audiences as Fred Waterford on Hulu’s adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. Fiennes portrayal of the enigmatic patriarch dazzles fans through the suspenseful storytelling and the cat-and-mouse game with Offred, played by Elizabeth Moss. The actor discusses being versatile across theater, movies, and television and about how he enjoys doting on his children.

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