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Storm Reid

At 15 years old, Storm Reid is a young actress working in one of the most shaky and quick- moving times in recent decades. Acting alongside contemporary greats and acquiring much knowledge through her journey. At 5’8 she stands a sophisticated, well-spoken professional. We chat about family, rights and wisdom, and I have to remind myself I’m conversing with a teenager. Certainly at her age, with dreams of my own—I lacked the discipline to execute them. Storm is different it seems.

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Henry Lau

Henry Lau, the Toronto native turned global resident has juggled a bevy of identities throughout the span of his decade plus long career. For someone who has successfully built a brand appealing to a worldwide audience with his impressive artistry and atmospheric charm as a K-Pop music prodigy, Chinese TV star, and now as Hollywood’s newest face, it comes as no surprise that he thrives in the role of playing a global chameleon.

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