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Sivan Alyra Rose

Sivan Alyra Rose is no debutante beneficiary of Hollywood. She grew up right outside of Phoenix on the San Carlos Apache reservation, raised by her mother and grandmother. Unlike those bequest into the industry, Sivan was discovered at 16 years-old, modeling at the Santa Fe Indian Market. This comes as no surprise because Sivan is absolutely captivating. What's even more remarkable than her exceptional good looks is her unique aesthetic; a goth-glam extrinsic projection of the visionary within. Her unconventional upbringing impressed an affinity for abstract art and a passion for civil issues. In 2016, Sivan drew inspiration from Marley Mitchell, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat to exhibit "Hypnotize", her collection of skateboard art in support of the Phoenix Indian Center. A year later, she attended the Institute of American Indian Arts where she was cast as the lead in a short horror story called The Entrada. This was the inception of her artistic odyssey into film and television.

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Grace Van Dien

The last few years have been big for Grace Van Dien—Greenhouse Academy on Netflix, White Famous on Showtime, as well as the coveted role of Sharon Tate on the Manson movie Charlie Says. Born and raised in Los Angeles, her road to Hollywood wasn't very far. Grace's roots run deep here, a progeny of renowned industry amalgamates. Yet, she stands amply on her own success in an increasingly omnipresent cinematic forum. She has more on her roster than the LA Dodgers, starring in a variety of movies and television shows from a relatively young age. As an actor, Grace finds that each role she takes on as somewhat of an education. She has an uncanny aptitude for capturing her characters, whether they are blithe or bittersweet. You can tell she doesn't take her work lightly. Her performances are profoundly striking, a rare quality for a young star on the rise.

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