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Mark O'Brien

If there’s anything that’s putting Mark O’Brien among the ones to watch, it’s his role as the unpredictable Jimmy Ryan on Showtime series, City on a Hill. The Canadian actor’s character—a young robber in early 1990s Boston—is erratic and violent. What’s seen on the screen only shows a portion of his work; the rest is all in his approach and mindset towards acting.

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Erin Moriarty

Joining this summer’s anticipated list of big-budgeted on-screen action is Amazon’s comic-book based series, The Boys; a fun black-comedy about “super-heroes” with a surprisingly grounded reality, where superheroes have taken a turn for the worse..and the showy. It’s also a reality that challenges gender roles in heroism and upholds individuals with integrity and a will, to be honest.

Erin Moriarty stars as Annie January, a member of the superhero team, The Seven. We sat down with the 25-year-old New Yorker about growing up in the city, the qualities of a good book, and what it’s likes being an actress in 2019.

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Will Poulter

British actors that straddle between Europe and the United States have become relatively common, however, Will Poulter is a genuinely intriguing soul that cares about his craft. Many remember him from We’re the Millers with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, or affectionately as Gally from The Maze Runner trilogy. This is because Will Poulter is intrepid. He takes risks, and his role as the eccentric Colin Ritman in the interactive Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch begins to show his range. Will's latest flick is Midsommar, and he teams up with Ari Aster from Hereditary to spook and scare audiences even when the sun is out.

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Cristina Rodlo

After her breakout role on Miss Bala, Mexican actress Cristina Rodlo is here to stay. Cristina talks to The Laterals on her audition process before getting cast as the mysterious Yaritza, in Amazon Prime’s Too Old To Die Young, where she stars opposite Miles Teller. Already the talk of the town, Cristina is an extremely versatile actress. It turns out Cristina is every bit as empowering as her characters, and despite of what role she’s in, she proves that looking away would be a very challenging option.

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Nathalie Emmanuel

After spending seven years in Game of Thrones as the role of an allegiant advisor, Nathalie Emmanuel is ready to take on more sovereign duties. This summer, she will be starring as the lead in Mindy Kaling's adaptation of Four Weddings And A Funeral. Unlike the original, the miniseries will be streamed on Hulu, embracing a more modern approach with an exceptionally diverse cast. The narrative ensues the reunion of four friends at a London wedding, but after a shocking revelation at the alter, their lives are never the same again. There are twists, turns, love affairs, and of course, four weddings and a funeral. We can also look forward to Nathalie starring alongside Ron Livingston in the unconventional comedy Holly Slept Over. The story follows the couple's struggles in trying to conceive and the evoked tensions when an old college roommate stays over for the weekend. Given her outstanding credentials, we are here for anything she touches. And we are thrilled to see her at the forefront of incredible projects, regardless of whether winter is coming or not.

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Storm Reid

At 15 years old, Storm Reid is a young actress working in one of the most shaky and quick- moving times in recent decades. Acting alongside contemporary greats and acquiring much knowledge through her journey. At 5’8 she stands a sophisticated, well-spoken professional. We chat about family, rights and wisdom, and I have to remind myself I’m conversing with a teenager. Certainly at her age, with dreams of my own—I lacked the discipline to execute them. Storm is different it seems.

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